What Happens Next ?

For those that wish to redress the balance to the true owners of the wealth, membership of our Facebook Group via our website offers all the support for self-achievement. We are not Solicitors nor Barristers, we are specialists, individuals that remove the smoke and mirrors of the Legal system and its industrial scale wealth transfer to those that sit behind and control the Central Banks. We are Debt-Less, and for those that prove their trustworthiness and equitable nature, the same gift is available on our forum.
The private support group offers free hands on experience sharing valuable and useful financial information. Real and immediate solutions with respect to all Debt Collection Agents. There are specialists at hand with 15 years’ worth of experience dealing with matters of a financial nature at all levels of Court. If you are receiving letters from Lowell, Cabot, Marstons, Equita, etc., there are free, fast and effective solutions at hand that do not involve Court necessarily, fully compliant with Civil Procedure Rules.
For anyone believing they are in debt, suffering the consequences of demands and threatening letters, this is the forum to help you re-establish financial wealth that may have been taken by unscrupulous Banks, Councils, or their equally unscrupulous agents.
Our private members have had inordinate success against Banks and their agents both in and out of Court, we are here to provide you with free knowledge and information so to can become debt-less.
Reserved Legal activities
Section 12 of the Legal Services Act 2007 sets out the six specific Legal services activities that only authorised persons may undertake, their scope is set out in Schedule 2. Lawyers carrying on these activities are regulated by the approved regulators in the Legal services sector, working under the oversight of the LSB.
Disclaimer – Debt-Less does not undertake reserved Legal activity, nor does any information contained within the group represent reserved Legal activity, and ought not to be construed as such.