What is Debt-Less?

Debt-Less was founded as a platform for education, financial education unavailable on any other platform, in any school, college, University or social media group. Our prime function is to provide information to enlighten those in financial hardship to the ways and means for improving their lives.
The information available on our Facebook Group is unmatched, as are the success levels when dealing with Banks and their agents. Whether you believe you have borrowed money, that banks lend money, or you are in debt to a Bank, the facts are concealed behind a myriad of deceptions created by those that wish to enslave and conceal the truth.
Some of these agents may be sent to your homes to seize your belongings and use letters unethically designed to look like court forms to scare you into paying. The amount of distress this causes is unquantifiable. If you are being threatened and recurrently so by illegal and unethical means regarding a debt that isn’t actually owed to the company demanding repayment, help is at hand.

Once the Debt Collection Agent has purchased your personal details and the right to contact you, they believe they have a right to do whatever it takes to ‘recover’ a profit, in many instances going to despicable means to do so, thriving on intimidation, bullying, threats and fear.

By joining our Facebook Group you can help put an end to the deceitful nature of this industry.
Banks do not lend money, they lend nothing, they purchase Securities from Settlors for the purpose of assignment to a Trustee, thereafter deceiving the Beneficiary into effecting repayments on a non-existent obligation or debt, pure sleight of hand, a deception that has served to enslave mankind for centuries - hence the wealthy become wealthier, and the poor continue to suffer.
Companies who assign purported debts have little care for the tactics employed by those they assign. They do not think about the individuals who will be subjected to their threats, as long as they may turn a profit from something that was never, if acting on behalf of a financial institution, owed in the first place. Harassment and intimidation are now commonplace as the modus operandi of Debt Collection Agents gathers pace exponentially, as are their ludicrous claims of a debt being due in the first place.
  • Council Tax.
  • HMRC.
  • McKenzie friend support at Court.
  • Data Subject Access Request.
  • Warrant of Entry (Gas and Electricity) - immediate solutions.
  • Warrant of Control - Stay of Execution
  • Utility Prepayment Meter (PPM) removal.
  • Bankruptcy - Annulment and prevention.
  • Involuntary Agreement (IVA) - Termination and restoration.
  • Debt Relief Orders - funds recovery.
  • Debt Management Plans - funds recovery.
  • Mortgage repossession - assistance and prevention (County Court Part 36 applications).
  • Parking Charge Notices and Penalty Charge Notices.
  • Credit profile repair.
  • N16A - Injunctions (Legal remedy or equitable relief).
  • Financial Mentorship (private tuition).

How does Debt-Less work?

Simply upload a copy of the latest paperwork or contact information you have received from the Debt Collection Agent or Bank, along with a few details. If litigation is pending we shall endeavour to assist freely by guiding you to the relevant section of our Facebook Group where information is at hand to deal with each issue.
Free information is at hand in respect of the following subjects:
  • Legal Charge Removal - repayments recovery.
  • LPA Receiver Removal - damage claims and funds recovery.
  • Forensic and equitable tracing of notes, securities and instruments.
  • Repossession - property recovery and damage claims.
  • N244 Set Aside for CCJ's (especially DCA related)
  • Visa debit chargebacks (goods and service dissatisfaction)
  • Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.75 claims for disputes)
  • Direct Debit Guarantee
  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Bank Giro Credit - application and enforcement.
  • Part 7 and 8 claims - County Court, High Court QB, and High Court Chancery Div.
  • Private Equity
  • DCA (Debt Collection Agency) - all matters addressed.
  • Trusts (Asset protection).
  • Private prosecutions (s.6 Prosecution of Offences Act 1985).
  • Lay representation

Reserved Legal Activites

Section 12 of the Legal Services Act 2007 sets out the six specific Legal services activities that only authorised persons may undertake, their scope is set out in Schedule 2. Lawyers carrying on these activities are regulated by the approved regulators in the Legal services sector, working under the oversight of the LSB.
Disclaimer - Debt-Less does not undertake reserved Legal activity, nor does any information contained within the group represent reserved Legal activity, and ought not to be construed as such.


  • Banks do not accept deposits from savers to lend to borrowers.
  • You are not in debt.
  • Banks are agents, they are not lenders.

Did you know ?

  • Debt Collection Agents are not bailiffs they are agents, agents with no claim whatsoever against you.
  • Debt is not bought nor sold, contrary to disinformation or miscomprehension.
  • Worst offenders of so-called debt harassment are Moorcroft, BPO, Wescot, Marston, DRP, JBW, and Equita to name a few, although in the UK there are hundreds of Registered Debt Collection Agencies.
  • Banks do not lend money, they issue currency, fiat currency.
  • No so-called ‘mortgagor’ is indebted to a Bank.
  • Every relationship you have with a Bank involves a trust.
  • No Bank in this history of Banking has made a single loan.
  • A twenty pound note is not money, it is fiat currency and as such, is worthless.